Thermal Imaging

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Thermography identifies energy loss caused by missing or defective insulation, air leaks, moisture penetration and thermal bridging.

Our thermal imaging survey will provide you with an interpretation of thermal images, that can help inform maintenance and investment decisions.

We also respond to client requests on a range of other infrared applications, including flat roof leaks and underfloor heating checks.

All our building surveys are carried out by Certified Level 2 Thermographers in accordance with British Standard BS EN13187:1999 “Thermal performance of buildings – Qualitative detection of thermal irregularities in building envelopes – Infrared method”.

We have invested in the highest resolution thermal imaging equipment commercially available in the UK – NEC’s TH9260 – allowing us to record detailed thermal images, even on large buildings. While lower resolution cameras and services are available, our equipment allows us to measure and analyse small but significant temperature differences on external walls. We also automatically record comparative daylight images, and other image information. View the images on this site or call and ask for specific examples to be forwarded to you.

Quantifying Energy Loss using Thermal Imaging

An estimation of energy loss through a wall can theoretically be derived where the inside and outside surface and air temperatures and the thermal properties of the wall are known. However, the accuracy of any such calculation is disproportionately affected by small but unavoidable temperature measurement errors, by anomalies within the wall itself and by the weather. Our approach is to use thermography to locate anomalies within a wall or other parts of the building envelope, and to quantify energy loss in other ways. This is consistent with BS EN13187:1999

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